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发表时间:2018-01-22 23:47作者:mbenben来源:mbenben

when the rain drenched my clothes,

when a breeze wafted the scent of flowers,

i miss you dreadfully.

you are the beautiful sight

outlined above the starry sky.


when the leaves are falling in profusion,

when the mountains were crowned with snow,

i want to curled up next to you.

you are the warm sun shine

that broke through the clouds.


the seasons change without anything's wishes,

what a beautiful scene,

but there's not enough time for me

to appreciate all of nature,

so i can't understand it's rhythm.


the years steal by without staying for us,

what a indelible prime.

there's not enough chance for me

to meet you when through the stream.

so i seek you long and hard.


when the sun dissolves snow,

when willow catkins are fluttering in the air,

i seem to see the smile of you,

and hope it is clear and fine.


when sweet odours exhale from flowers,

when swallows nested under the eaves in the spring,

i will write many words on white paper,

and express my heart through verses.



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